The Art of Publishing

How to Create, Reproduce, & Sell Your Art

Learn how to create, manufacture and sell your art.

What is The Art of Publishing?

The Art of publishing is an online video course helping creatives create, publish, manufacture and sell their prints. The Art of Publishing will help you create content and build different tiers of pricing allowing collectors to collect your work at different levels.

Who is The Art of Publishing for?

Looking to create, manufacture and scale your art, photo or print business? The Art of Publishing is for those that want to make additional revenue from their images and time they spent on their photos, paintings and drawings. If you’re an artist that produces an image, The Art of Publishing provides you the strategies to take your talent and put it to work on your site while you sleep. The goal is to build an online engine of products that work in the background of your life while you still work on your main images. Even if you aren’t an artist this series is vital for anyone that wants to create extra income from images.

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What Topics are Covered?

  • How to create a series and test group of images. Choosing a body of work that is best.
  • How to plan your year for production.
  • The pros and cons of limited edition prints vs. open edition prints.
  • How to scan and archive your work and preserve your assets for life.
  • How to build assets and invest in your art that go to work for you and your family while bringing revenue over the course of your whole life.
  • How to set prices and tiers of products that meet the needs and wants of your collectors.
  • What products to print and why.
  • Where to get your art manufactured, printed and fulfilled to your customer.
  • How to sell online through your store.
  • How to generate re-occurring sales and love on your collector base.
  • How to add continuity to your branding and sales.
  • How to find hidden sources of extra income.
  • How to forecast your sales and your yearly possible earnings based on the tiers of your product offering.
  • How to tell stories online through your products.
  • Sales techniques on selling online.
  • How to build your online email list and a solid collector base.
  • How to leverage social media to be powerful strategies for your images to be seen and discovered.
  • How to leverage and integrate social media to help sell and promote your products.
  • How to get your products automated to your customers without having to print, ship and fulfill to your customers. Basically you’ll learn how to make revenue without touching a thing.
  • How to manage and scale your business based on the ebbs and flows of your business volume.

What's included in "The Art of Publishing"?

Part 1 Choosing subject matter: How I get six figures in sales.

Part 2 Course Resources PDF: VIP access to my factory for scanning, printing and shipping.

Part 3 My secrets to making more revenue: Building your products into tiers and pricing.

Part 4 Make more profit and sell more product.

Part 5 The secrets to growing and scaling your sales, business and marketing.

Part 6 Production to on the wall: Automation, manufacturing and shipping of your products.

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